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Per-corsi di Pedagogia generale

  • Autori: Bellingreri Antonio; D'Addelfio Giuseppina; Romano Livia; Sidoti Enza; Maria Vinciguerra
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Tipologia: Monografia
  • OA Link:


Starting from the consideration of some of the most recurrent "emergencies" of contemporary education, the text presents articulated itineraries of reflection on education in the society of "late modernity", through the research model of the fundamental pedagogy. Indeed, general pedagogy is here understood as a specific science that assumes the primary and grounding problems of educational actions. Its characteristic feature is a "phenomenological-hermeneutic" approach that consists in analyzing the phenomena that are called "educational", with the gaze turned to grasping their essential traits. In the text a characteristic feature of contemporary education is extensively analyzed: the greater attention paid to body care, almost as if the person can fully identify with his body. Faced with this, the text makes it possible to grasp more clearly that it is precisely the care of the body, in the light of the value of corporeity, requires for itself a "care of the soul".