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The Narration to Take Care of Oneself in the Development of Educational Professions


This work aims to highlight the importance of narration and autobiographic practice in looking after oneself. The narration represents a technology of taking care of oneself (Foucault, 1992) and at the same time, facilitates the person in oneself recognition and self-training. The merit of narrating is extremely educational and formative for whoever is preparing to operate a practical training in the field of caring professions, including the educational ones (Zannini, 2003). An active methodology to work through the narration is the autobiographic practice which offers to the pedagogy and the educational research the opportunity to place subjects at the hearth, adding depth to the educational professions which have the crucial responsibility of training function. The educational autobiography represents an innovative way of training, an efficient narrative writing exercise because it includes a reflection process which proves the experience of a narrative process of the self-awareness achievement (Mortari, 2011).