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Assisted software design of a wide variety of windings in rotating electrical machinery


In this paper a software developed by the Authors for winding design is presented. In particular, this software can be used as a valid aid in design and analysis for a wide variety of windings with generic number of phases, pole pairs, slot number, etc‥ The calculation of winding factors and the evaluation of their harmonic distribution is also accomplished. The software is implemented in MATLAB® environment. By means of some examples, covering the most relevant winding types, the capabilities of this software will be shown. Particularly, integer and fractional slot, single and double layer winding, concentrated windings, imbrication, belt widening and belt shifting techniques can be treated in order to reduce particular harmonics in the electromotive force (e.m.f) or in the magnetic field (m.m.f.=magneto motive force). Thanks to this software it is possible to determine quickly the winding connections. Moreover, the winding factor harmonic distribution, the THD of e.m.f., the differential leakage and the spatial distribution of the m.m.f. is computed in a very easy way.