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Measuring rain energy with the employment of "arduino"

  • Autori: Fabio Viola; Pietro Romano; Rosario Miceli; Gianluca Acciari; Massimo Caruso; Giuseppe Schettino; Luca Riggi
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Tipologia: eedings
  • OA Link:


This paper presents the performances of rainfall energy harvesting through the use of a piezoelectric transducer and an Arduino-based measuring system. Diverse studies agree on the possibility of generating electricity from rainfall, but to date, a study that can measure the quantity of energy produced during rainfall is still missing. The present study begins with results obtained from laboratory researchers using piezoelectric transducers and oscilloscopes-to measure the energy produced from a single raindrop-and concludes with an ad hoc Arduino-based measuring system, aimed at measuring the actual amount of electrical energy produced by a piezoelectric transducer that is exposed to rainfall of variable durations