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How is the Spread of the Electric Vehicles?


Many automotive manufacturers are investing heavily in Electric Vehicle (EV) design and manufacturing. Governments and other public sector bodies are making significant investments in the development of EVs and introducing various tax credits, incentives and subsidies. In addition, energy companies and other industries have set their sights on electric vehicles. In particular, EV development is being strongly fueled by consumer demand stemming from economic and environmental factors. The scope of this work is to present a representation of the spread of EVs in some European countries, in order to address an integration of green energy with recharge of EVs with particular attention for Italy. The States concerned are United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway, Italy. Each state has its policy for incentives, divided in assistance in purchasing and benefits in use. It was described policy incentives held in recent years and the results were reported suggesting to implement a policy of incentives, for purchase and use.