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Eletric Vehicles Impact using Renewable Energy

  • Autori: Fabio Viola; Pietro Romano; Rosario Miceli; Michela Longo; Dario Zaninelli;
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
  • Tipologia: eedings
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In this moment, the principle topics for the modern world are the reduction of environmental pollution and the production of energy from renewable sources (for example photovoltaic system, wind farm, hydroelectric plants, etc.). This particular attention is determined by different reasons, in particular from the Kyoto Protocol, and from different problems as greenhouse effect, acid rain and climate change. The scope of this work is to study, for different years (1997-2013) in Italy, the production of electric energy from renewable and non-renewable. At a later stage, the attention will be on the consumption of the electric energy divided for different sectors. In particular, we study the possible solutions in order to reduce emissions. This paper examines the integration of sources of renewable energy in all regions of Italy where the focus is on the possibility to reduce emission integrating the electric vehicles.