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Scrittura autoreferenziale negli articoli letterari di Legioni e Falangi/Legiones y Falanges


Recovering the literary paradigms that the magazine collected and of which expression was made, the essay highlights a writing that is often based on the dimension of the self and for it is determined. The journalistic macrotext and the updating discourse on which it is based, although it welcomes the plurality of voices and visions, needs the immediacy and authorial responsibility on the part of a subject who in the present recounts from his own experience. These texts receive the updating pressure of the macrotext in which they are placed, the magazine, and teach an 'overload' of sociocultural and ideological references. This study offers some selected examples within a corpus, in both editions, in which the practice of 'self-referentiality' is modulated, that is, texts, ascribable to different textual typologies, linked to a Self, which is proposed as a testimony , reportage, reflection, narrative form including fiction.