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Laura Bianchini. Dall'associazionismo cattolico all'impegno in politica


Laura Bianchini (1903 - 1983) was among those women who first crossed the threshold of the "palaces" of politics. She was a member of the National Council, then of the Constituent Assembly and deputy of the Chamber during the first legislature. Teacher and publicist, he knew how to combine spirituality and political and civil commitment. Militant in the Resistance, exponent of the Catholic women's movement, representative of the left current of the Christian Democrats. His spiritual formation and his cultural setting of a personalist and community type is due not only to his militancy within the FUCI and the Graduate Movement, but also to the Catholic environment in Brescia and to the influences of French and German Catholic culture, in particular Jacques Maritain and Emmanuel Mounier. Hence the consolidation of his philosophical thought, imbued with neo-Thomism, his integral Christianity, the autonomy of judgment and the choice to commit himself to a radical renewal of society.