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Virtuous hybridization in agro-urban spaces


Sprawl, urban decentralization, marginality of outskirts, presence of high-speed Infrastructures and ecological networks are some of the most pressing issues moved from the contemporary urban context. In many cases, sprawl saturating areas of agricultural land. Therefore, it is pertinent to ask which are potentiality areas like the Plain of Castellammare Gulf (Sicily) still characterized by the prevalence of agricultural land on built ground? This context suggests seek responses to urban issues starting from cultural, virtual and material resources of the farmland, thereby starting the contamination processes between the traditional categories of "rural" and "urban". However both these entities need to be transformed to continue to be viable. They can simultaneously express both the local and global level: depending on the project idea. Therefore, it seems clear, to achieve a virtuous hybridization between the two terms, the intervention on agro-urban space must be carried out "case by case", as any action in an already defined context: which is typical architecture practice. Taking advantage of observation, interpretation, suggestion and simultaneously, of measurement, metric survey and drawing along the pathway towards its outcomes.