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Palermo, ZEN District. An occasion of urban re-qualifying


Among the changes made to the original scheme proposed by Amoroso Group, were some that showed the willingness to accommodate the constraints established by the local council and were designed primarily to protect certain pre-existing historical sites in the area. Consequently, the gridded, dense neighbourhood Zen 2 had to be opened in certain parts. Thereupon on the South-East quarter the "0D" insula, the citrus grove, the historical outskirts and the school in Trapani Pescia Street detect an emblematic fragment, useful to understand the contradictions that exist in this district, where heterogeneous elements form self and distinct parts. The design of new residences in this area is an occasion of urban re-qualifying and comprehension of this neighbourhood. Using the existing knowledge about the location, a system of urban relations has been proposed, that through a housing, aims to confront with the surrounding and, on a larger scale, with the city. Particular attention has turned towards the environmental conditions and therefore, sustainable energy of the construction.