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Il parco dell'aeroporto. Percorsi urbani nella campagna fra l'aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino, Cinisi e Terrasini


In the past the airports often arose outside the town centre as part of a constellation in the agricultural field. The original systems changed with time: the airport has been adapted to the new requirements and the fields have turned into urban landscapes. The proximity of the town and the airport fence is a constant detectable in cases that are very different from each other as Berlin, Denver or Palermo. In Palermo the expansion of the fence coordinated by the Airport Management Company (Gesap) provides a new entrance from the south, which will connect more directly, the airport to the surrounding area. This is fragmented and built by the man, but it is characterized by interesting fields. Creating a new system for this open space, a new park could give the airport a new identity. The main stages of the project of the airport park are: 1. the need to cordon off an agricultural field in a continuous urbanized framework; 2. the need to make continuous acreage; 3. the possibility of targetting the driving force of territorial transformation of the airport through accurate projects. Today you can drive from Cinisi to the airport in about 15 minutes (10.3 km) and you can walk in an hour and a half (8 km). The project by Gesap, integrated into the hook-shaped park, allows you to get to the airport from Cinisi by car in 5 minutes (3,5 km), cycling in 15 minutes and walking in 38 minutes (3,4 km). The project allows you to get to the airport from Terrasini by car in 7 minutes (4.5 km), cycling in 20 minutes and walking in an hour (5 km). These data describe how the park amplifies the presence of the airport in the area and it makes it more easily accessible with time.