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Tra architettura e agricoltura


A phase of PRIN 2009 reasearch went off through some seminars. Prof. A. Sciascia (Unit Leader) has involved professors of some departments, converging different experiences to expand starting scientific knowledge as much as possible. This activity has offered the possibility to listen to Tiziano Caruso, Tommaso La Mantia and Giuseppe Lo Papa, professors of Faculty of Agriculture, experienced in arboreal cultivations (the first and the second) and agriculture geology (the third). Their reports, whose we analyse here the synthesis of the conversation with Tiziano Caruso, allow to put together complementary points of view about the definitive agricultural cultivations and the economy of the countryside, getting over disciplines' barriers. The requirements of new installations are fixed to be profitable, establishing a definite relationship between the architecture of the landscape and the agriculture. Caruso's point of view has, inside the study, some important sentences of the text about the town in extension by Giuseppe Samonà, according to which the main objective of the programme of the “reorganization of agriculture” is to develop the agricultural production to increase the occupation in the relevant areas and to increase the farmers' incomes, comparing them to those of the other workers, to achieve an effective comparison of the civil and cultural conditions of the town and the countryside. The latter has to be organized according to a new space configuration which provides for lands of dimensions that are suitable to their agricultural typology and at the same time, important at symbolic, social and economic level, for people who leave there. The appropriate form is the common objective of the town and the countryside. According to Samonà, these could be managed with one space control.