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Il margine del parco agricolo del terrente San Vincenzo su Corso Italia, Carini

  • Autori: Sciascia, A; Davì, E; Gentile, M; Macaluso, L;
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
  • Tipologia: Scheda di catalogo, repertorio o corpus (Schede di catalogo)
  • OA Link:


To the west of Palermo, at the foot of Mount Saraceno and Mount Ceresia, surrounded by mounts Pecoraro, Montagna Longa, Tre Pizzi, Colombrina, stands Carini, on a hill 181 m above sea level. The area, cut lengthwise from south to north by some roads, among which corso Italia, extends, crossing the railway line and the SS 113, to the coast and the homonymous gulf. Along the strip to the west of the town (with an area of about 100 ha), among citrus orchards, olive groves, orchards, semicultivated or neglected fields, there is an area (about 240 ha) crossed by stream San Vincenzo. The railway line (north), corso Italia (east), Rocca del Castello with the adjacent walls (south), the cemetery (south-west), an archaeological site (west), define the almost inaccessible closed area. In this area, adjacent to the above-mentioned corso Italia, the new urban realities are represented by scattered built fabric juxtaposed to stretches of countryside. The indefinite margins towards corso Italia, the shapeless spaces among the buildings, the lack of continuity between built and open areas, the missing connection with the nearby agricultural area bring out the need for a design action. The project idea is based on the preservation of an open area where the countryside emerges with great potentials, and on its discovery through an easy access. To give a shape1 to the countryside through a redefinition of its margins, leads to a continuity of open spaces within new relationships to be established between built fabric and agricultural area.