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Nuove relazioni tra tessuto urbano e agricolo nel parco del Gugliotta a Piano Tavola, Carini

  • Autori: Sciascia, A; Davì, E; Gentile, M; Macaluso, L;
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
  • Tipologia: Scheda di catalogo, repertorio o corpus (Schede di catalogo)
  • OA Link:


To the south-west of Palermo, along the north-east belt of Carini marked by Mount Colombrina and crossed by thestream Gugliotta, a wide area called Piano Tavola stretches between city and countryside. Its margins are given by the suburban volumes standing along corso Italia (west), the olive grove under Pizzo Castellaccio (east), villa Dominici (north-east), the industrial area and the railway (north), and the quarry in Manostalla locality (south-east). It is evident the pressure of the buildings on the olive grove and countryside, the presence of roads that close and isolate the district, and the lack of continuity between open spaces and built areas. The reorganization of the road network and the definition of a possible "shape" of the countryside, are planned in order to envisage new relationships between built areas/countryside and the natural environment connected to the stream Gugliotta.