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Palermo, La Città del Mercato Ballarò. COSTRUIRE SOCIALITA'


Action research project of the LabCity Architecture (DARCH-UNIPA), directed by Prof. Renzo Lecardane, with the IACP within the wider urban regeneration process of the Ballarò Market in Palermo. Action research is a field work, a fragile and complex work, which through a relational approach access to critically enter into places, commits to attend spaces, to face the repeated human and urban conflicts of the community through a process of re-appropriation of the right to the city. Through the use of light materials, shapes and structures, still with lights, colors, smells and sounds, the project of the new Market Hall and the public space of Piazza del Carmine redesigns the places of relationship activities in the heart of the Albergheria district, reminding us that it is possible to imagine a better city respectful of the past and looking forward to its future. The ending is a collective project, whose validity matures in innovation is intertwined with the project proposal in order to improve confidence in change. The research also aims to relocate the role of the University within the processes of concrete transformation of the city space through its more direct militant involvement in the relational processes with the local structures and associations present in the territory. Funded by the Ferst Sicilia 2014/20 Operational Program, the urban and architectural regeneration project in the Ballarò Market Town will be implemented during the year 2020.