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A Narrative of the AESOP Quality Recognition Programme in the Field of Planning Education


The article proposes a reflection about the Coordination of planning curricula, quality assur­ ance and accreditation processes promoved by AESOP, on the principle of cooperation and mutual bene ts. On the occasion of several debates at the Heads of Schools meetings, it became clear that, in addition to the existing framework of the AESOP Core Curriculum, a further active implication was needed in order to enhance, improve and support planning curricula and programmes, especially in a time of crisis. Infact, coordination of planning courses and their quality recognition had (and still have) to be considered in a cooperative approach, rather than in a competitive one: an ap­ proach to be based more on diversity and plurality rather than uniformity, believing that innovation in teaching also means critical thinking, despite some general trends towards uniformity, managerial per­ formances and standards.