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Territories. Rural-Urban strategies


Territories is a design-based approach to the dynamics of larger spatial contexts with the double task of enfolding an actualised view of the habitat and of synthesising visions of its future perspectives. Opposed to traditional dystopic concepts of urban and rural, Territories engages with the potential of rural-urban interfaces in building visions of spatial futures, valorising creativity, implicit knowledge, and knowledge gained by design. Territories promotes an overall shift in public awareness and sectorial policies towards place-based strategies. Initiated by an international conference held in April 2016, in the framework of “Hochschuldialog Südeuropa” of DAAD, Territories displays research and design experiences from Italy, Spain, and Germany—as flows, places, patterns, fields, practices, tactics, visions, and processes of urban design and territorial planning—for today’s urban, rural, and natural archipelagos of the habitat.