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First record of Ribes uva-crispa L. (Grossulariaceae) from the Madonie Mts., a new species of the Sicilian flora.

  • Autori: Gianguzzi, L.; Caldarella, O.; Romano, S.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
  • Parole Chiave: Conservation of species, Grossulariaceae, Madonie Mts., Ribes uva-crispa subsp. austro-europaeum, Sicily
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In this study, a first record of Ribes uva-crispa L. (Grossulariaceae) – a new species of the Sicilian flora – from the Madonie Mts. is reported. The autochthonous and relict new population of Ribes uva-crispa L. (Grossulariaceae) is found on Mount Carbonara (Madonie Mts., North-Central Sicily), which is several hundred kilometers away from the Central Apenninic and the South Mediterranean locations of its distribution range. R. uva-crispa shows a distribution similar to other taxa extending from the Euro-Asiatic area to the mountains of North Africa with disjunct populations on the main Sicilian reliefs (Madonie and Nebrodi Mts.), testifying ancient phytogeographical connections. This noteworthy record adds a new species – as well as a new genus and new family – to the vascular flora of Sicily. Based on the morphological characters, the population found is to be referred to Ribes uva-crispa L. subsp. austro-europaeum (Bornm.) Bech var. glanduligerum (Lindberg) Maire.