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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2022 Improving Irony and Stereotype Spreaders Detection using Data Augmentation and Convolutional Neural Network Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Vai
2022 Hybrid VLC/WiFi Architectures with Priority Feedback Channels Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Vai
2021 Interference Cancellation for LoRa Gateways and Impact on Network Capacity Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 A Fully Automated Method for Accurate Measurement of Geometrical Distortion in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of a 3D-Lattice Phantom Articolo in rivista Vai
2018 Image-based MRI Gradient Estimation Articolo in rivista Vai
2016 Self-validating bundles for flexible data access control Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Vai
2015 Error mitigation using RaptorQ codes in an experimental indoor free space optical link under the influence of turbulence Articolo in rivista Vai
2014 Fading mitigation coding techniques for space to ground free space optical communications (Euro Med Telco 2014) eedings Vai
2014 Statistical analysis of RaptorQ failure probability applied to a data recovery software eedings Vai
2014 Fading mitigation coding techniques for space to ground free space optical communications eedings Vai
2013 Optical wireless GEO satellite-to-ground downlinks: rateless codes as solution for scintillation fading eedings Vai
2013 Recovery Capabilities of Rateless Codes on Simulated Turbulent Terrestrial Free Space Optics Channel Model Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 Rateless Codes Performance Tests On Terrestrial FSO Time-Correlated Channel Model eedings Vai
2011 Efficient Simulation of Orthogonal Multicarrier Transmission over Multipath Fading Channels eedings Vai
2010 An Improved Detection Technique for Cyclic-Prefixed OFDM Articolo in rivista Vai
2009 A software receiver phase lock loop analysis and design to implement adaptive phase tracking using a finite impulse response loop filter eedings Vai
2009 An Improved Receiver Architecture for Cyclic-Prefixed OFDM eedings Vai
2009 Phase lock loop false lock avoidance in presence of global navigation satellite system signal eedings Vai
2009 A software receiver adaptive phase lock loop method eedings Vai
2009 Orthogonal Multicarrier Transmission with Modal Channel Estimation eedings Vai
2008 Wireless OFDM-OQAM with a Small Number of Subcarriers eedings Vai
2008 MUSIC-Based Modal Channel Estimation for Wideband OFDM-OQAM eedings Vai
2008 An OFDM Receiver Exploiting Multipath Diversity eedings Vai
2008 MUSIC-LS Modal Channel Estimation for an OFDM-OQAM System eedings Vai
2006 A Linear Chip-Level Model for Multi-Antenna Space-Time Coded Wideband CDMA Reconfigurable Receivers eedings Vai
2006 Channel Impairment Effects on TPRC for Multicode V-BLAST with CD-SIC eedings Vai
2005 A simple joint estimation-detection technique for OFDM systems Articolo in rivista Vai
2005 Diagonal space time Hadamard codes with erasure decoding algorithm eedings Vai
2005 Joint LMMSE equalizer for HSDPA in full-rate space time transmit diversity schemes eedings Vai
2005 Joint Equalization and Detection for Space-Time Block Coded High-Speed CDMA Downlink over Frequency Selective Channels eedings Vai
2004 Joint Space-Time Alamouti Synchronous W-CDMA LMMSE equalization eedings Vai
2000 Simple method for limiting delay of optimized interleavers for turbo-codes Articolo in rivista Vai