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Gap-accepteance parameters for roundabouts: a systematic review

  • Autori: Giuffre', O; Grana', A; Tumminello, ML
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2016
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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Purpose The critical and follow-up headways are the two gap-acceptance parameters which explain the traffic interaction of a minor street vehicle when enters the roundabout, merging into or crossing one or more circulating (major) streams.Severalstudiesandresearchesprovidemeasurements of critical and follow-up headways from real data at roundabouts. The objective of our research is to synthesize the data from the series of selected studies to interpret variation across the studies. Methods In order to match the research goal, a systematic literaturereviewonestimationsofcriticalandfollow-upheadways at roundabouts was undertaken. Since several studies andresearchesdevelopedworldwidewereexamined,wewere able to note that the effect size varied from study to study. Thus the meta-analysis of effect sizes was performed as part of the literature review through the random-effects model. Results After discussing the assumptions of this model, the dispersion in effects across studies was assessed and the summary effect for eachofthe parametersunder examination was computed. Calculations were made both for single-lane roundaboutsanddouble-laneroundabouts,aswellasforturbo roundabouts. Conclusions Compared to the results of individual studies, the single (quantitative) meta-analytic estimate provides an accurate and reliable synthesis on the specific issue here addressed, and gives, with greater power of the individual reviewed studies,a comprehensive measure for the parameters of interest.