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Electron structure, ultra-dense hydrogen and low energy nuclear reactions


n this paper, a simple Zitterbewegung electron model, proposed in a previous work, is presented from a different perspective based on the principle of mass- frequency equivalence. A geometric- electromagnetic interpretation of mass, relativistic mass, De Broglie wavelength, Proca, Klein- Gordon, Dirac and Aharonov- Bohm equations in agreement with the model is proposed. A non-relativistic, Zitterbewegung interpretation of the 3.7 keV deep hydrogen level found by J. Naudts is presented. According to this perspective, ultra-dense hydrogen can be conceived as a coherent chain of bosonic electrons with protons or deuterons located in the center of their Zitterbewegung orbits. This approach suggests a possible role of ultra-dense hydrogen in some aneutronic and many-body low energy nuclear reactions. © 2019 ISCMNS. All rights reserved.