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Design of a Hybrid Electric Power-Split Transmission for Braking Energy Recovery in a Drilling Rig


Despite the promising potential of the hybrid electric power-split layout, its broader market penetration is prevented by the large number of feasible solutions and the constructive complexity, which overcomplicate the design process. Moreover, due to the lack of relevant literature references, the power-split transmissions design is even more difficult if concerning applications outside the automotive and agricultural sectors. In this paper, a general parametric model already available in the literature to design a single-mode power-split transmission with up to two planetary gear sets and six ordinary gear sets was applied to hybridize an oil drilling rig to recover energy braking during the gravity-driven lowering phases. This is the first power-split electric hybridization of a drilling rig. Two solutions differing in engine power size are presented. Thanks to the modularity of the model, the procedure enabled the optimization of the ICE, the electric machines, and the gear sets through decoupled design phases.