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short biography


With a degree in Hydraulic Civil Engineering obtained in 1981, at present I am working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Hydraulic and Marine Constructions and Hydrology of the University of Palermo.

My work concentrates on hydrology and hydraulic constructions. In the field of hydrology my specific expertise lies in the modelling of surface water resources, especially in connection with water scarcity conditions, and in the modelling of extreme events. In the field of hydraulic constructions I have a good knowledge of the construction types and sizing criteria for barrage works, the structures that complement such works, and the issues related to the management of water resources.

I also work for career counseling, information and tutoring services. In particular, my role involves establishing and maintaining contact with higher secondary school institutions in order to ensure that students are prepared for the university experience, and organizing the entry tests for the Engineering Bachelor's degree programs.

Current Projects

  • Updating of the database of Sicilian Dams by adding information concerning construction types and hydrological details of the watersheds.
  • Study of a complex water supply system - modeling of water resources coming from interconnected supply systems