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Prevalence of older in-patients at risk of clopidogrel resistance according to the STIB score. Results from REPOSI registry

  • Autori: Gallotta, Anna; Marengoni, Alessandra; Pasina, Luca; Cortesi, Laura; Nobili, Alessandro, REPOSI, investigators; Barbagallo, Mario; Dominguez Rodríguez, Ligia Juliana
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2017
  • Tipologia: Lettera
  • OA Link:


The phenomenon of resistance to copidogrel catches the attention of a growing number of clinicians because of its frequency and the severity of adverse events related to it. The identification of patients with high platelet reactivity (HPR may help to improve their therapy applying the concept of personalized medicine, most important in the older people treated with polypharmacy. The existece of such a simple clinical method as the STIB score, that allows to predict the possible resistace to clopidogrel at the bedside without using expensive laboratory investigations, provides an attractive approach to the problem.