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Preliminary evaluation of a short version questionnaire for Executive Functioning Self-Report (EF-SR)


The aim of the present study is the development and the evaluation of preliminary psychometric characteristics of a short form self-report questionnaire to assess executive functioning (EF). The research was conducted in a sample of 316 Italian children that attended primary or secondary schools, with an age range between 7 and 11. EFA showed that Executive Functioning Self-Report (EF-SR) is composed of eleven items that are adequately represented by a single factor that characterizes the total score of the EFs. Furthermore, preliminary analyses showed an adequate level of skewness and kurtosis, of internal reliabilities, and test-retest reliability. Finally, the EF-SR showed positive moderate correlation with Stroop Congruent Trials, and with the Stroop Control trials, while the correlations with the other measures were not significance (Color Word Stroop task, the Corsi Block Tapping and the Tower of London), demonstrating appropriate discriminant validity. In conclusion, the EF-SR proves to have the potential to be an easy and fast questionnaire for measuring EF, especially in children.