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Il diasistema nelle scritture dei semicolti. Il caso degli inediti di Bordonaro


The writings of authors who have dialect as first language and are semi-illiterate, although extensively studied, represent a rich field that allows to focus on the coexistence of several varieties in contact within individual repertoires. In this perspective, they represent example of micro-diasystem in which it is possible to draw the interdependences between diamesic, diastratic, diatopic and diaphasic variation. The aim of this paper is to give a concrete example of such interdependences analyzing the linguistic (lexical, morpho-syntactic and textual) features of the unpublished production of Tommaso Bordonaro, a semi-illiterate from Bolognetta, a small village near Palermo in Sicily. The corpus is constituted by ten notebooks written after the publication of his memoires and it allows to compare the different stages of an illiterate that use writing with increasing awareness.