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Dottorandi - XXXVIII Ciclo




Tutor: Prof.ssa M. Vallone

Co-Tutor: Prof. S. Orlando

Research Interests:

  • Precision farming;
  • Sustainable Agriculture; 
  • Remote Sensing

Valentina CRAPARO

Tutor: Prof. N. Francesca

Co-Tutor: Prof. O. Corona

Research Interests:

  • Agricultural microbiology;
  • Oenology
Alessandro ESPOSITO

Tutor: Prof. F. Vetrano

Co-Tutor: Prof.ssa A. Moncada

Research Interests:

  • Horticulture;
  • Floriculture;
  • Nursery production;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Biostimulant;
  • Plant growth promoter;
  • Natural extracts;
  • Novel foods

Francesco GARGANO

Tutor: Prof.ssa G. Liguori

Co-tutor: Prof. A. Todaro

Research Interests:

  • Post-harvest fruit physiology;
  • Food quality and safety;
  • Mediterranean species with high nutraceutical interest.

Giuseppe GRECO

Tutor: Prof.ssa G. Liguori

Co-Tutor: Dott. R. Gaglio

Research Interests:

  • Plant physiology;
  • Post-harvest fruit physiology;
  • Agricultural microbiology;
  • Food safety


Tutor: Prof.ssa V. Borsellino

Co-Tutor: Prof. A. Galati, Prof. E. Schimmenti

Research Interests:

  • Social justice and decent work in rural economies;
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Distribution of value along agri-food supply chain and value chain strategies;
  • Undeclared work, forced labour and gangmaster system in agri-food production.
Francesco SGADARI

Tutor: Prof. R. Schicchi

Co-Tutor: Prof. M. Bruno

Research Interests:

  • Botany and secondary metabolites of plant


Tutor: Prof. A. Cusumano

Co-Tutor: Prof. E. Peri

Research Interests:

  • Plant Protection;
  • Integrated Pest Management;
  • Biological Control;
  • Ecology;
  • Horizon Scanning for Plant Health

Girolamo VACCARO

Tutor: Prof. M. Iovino

Co-Tutor: Prof. G. Baiamonte e Prof. A. Motisi

Research Interests:

  • Precise sustainable irrigation;
  • Soil plant atmosphere monitoring

Enrico VIOLA

Tutor: Prof. N. Francesca

Co-Tutor: Prof. R. Di Lorenzo

Research Interests:

  • Food and Wine Microbiology;
  • Fruticulture;
  • Agricultural Economics

Francesco ZANNA

Tutor: Prof. V. Bagarello

Co-Tutor: Prof. D. Giambalvo

Research Interests:

  • Hydraulic properties in microplastic-contaminated soil;
  • Hydraulic properties in soil with biochar;
  • Experiments with a rain simulator