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2233 - NURSING

2233 - NURSING

Active Years: I,II,III
Family of degree: L/SNT1

Coordinator: ANNA LICATA

Information for Students and Teachers

we inform you  that  the lessons will take place exclusively remotely. This provision will be effective from 12 october

Cycle of Seminars - Gender Balance” - Additional Training Activities - Art. 10, Lett.d / D.M. 270/04

In order to encourage the widest participation of male and female students in seminars, the Study Program Coordinator. Prof Anna Licata, provides for the attribution of - 0.5 CFU for 6 hours of attendance e - 1 CFU for 12 hours of attendance, with particular reference to seminars in the medical area, as part of the Additional Seminar Training Activities (Article 10, paragraph 5, letter d) of Law 270/2004) provided for in each study plan 

decreto. riconoscimento seminari CdS in Nursing

Information for Students and Teachers

In compliance with the Rector's note prot. 89268, we inform you that  since 28 october the lessons will take place exclusively remotely. This provision will be effective until 24 November.

Procedures for overcoming OFA 2020/2021


We inform the students that the OFA attributable in Degree Course Nursing, are: Biology and Chemistry.
For overcoming OFA 2020/2021 check: OFA 2020_2021ftoRU procedures

Information for students

the bioethics lesson of Nursing’s degree course scheduled for 14.10.2020 at 10, will be postponed later, due to institutional commission of the Prof Lucia Craxi. Please, we apologize for the late advertisement.

Exam Appeal of 14-24 April 2020

Notwithstanding the Transparency Statement for different teachings - the learning evaluations modes, will be assessed by committees that will consist in video communications systems, in topics of the programmes of the different disciplines on the sheet of transparency. The start of the appeals is scheduled for April 14 and will end on April 24. 




Dear Students,



The School of Medicine is pleased to announce the event dedicated to the ERASMUS Program on Wednesday 19 February p.v. in the Aula Ascoli, from 9 to 13.



Call for Applications: Erasmus+ Mobility for Study A.A. 2020-2021 – Calendar of Dates

30 – January 2020

Below are the deadlines dates for students willing to participate in the outgoing ‘Erasmus+ Mobility for Study for the Academic Year 2020-2021 of the University of Palermo

Calendar of Dates

Monday 17 February 2020

Publication of the Call for Applications and opening of the presentation of candidature

Friday 6 March 2020, 12:00

Deadline for presentation of candidature

From Friday 6 March to Wednesday 11 March 2020

Verification of admission by the Head Office Coordinator on the basis of the limitations indicated in Attachment A, ex art.5 of the official call for applications

Friday 13 March 2020

Publication of the ranking list

Thursday 19 march 2020, by 12:00

Deadline for disclaimers and observations

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Publication of the final ranking list of first place winners

From Wednesday 25 March to Monday 30 March 2020, by 12:00

The ‘ideal’ student can present the module (attachment D) to the Contact Person of the Department/School, to fill the role of the ‘winner’ in one of the locations not required in the first instance, indicating up to 5 preferences among the available locations and for him eligible, subject to verification of the requirements pursuant to art.4. The application must be registered with the relevant Department/School.

From Wednesday 25 March to Monday 30 March 2020, by 12:00

The Head Office Coordinator can request any additional mobility positions from a partner University in addition to the number programmed in the agreements listed in Annex A. If the partner University formally accepts, the additional places available are assigned to eligible students according to the order of the ranking list and are intended as mobility locations without contribution. The students assigned a location will benefit from all the benefits related to the Erasmus+ student status, but will not receive any type of contribution for the mobility.

From Thursday 31 March to Friday 10 April 2020

The commission of the Department/School will evaluate the applications received from the Contact Person

From Tuesday 13 April to Friday 17 April

The Contact Person will transmit the outcomes of the commission and any additional positions

Friday 24 April 2020

The defined list of winners of the second round and additional positions without any contribution will be published

By Friday 15 May 2020

Delivery to the Contact Person



The Additional Educational Obligation Recovery Tests (OFA) - Academic Year 2019/2020 for students enrolled in the first year of Free Access Courses and Programmed Access Courses will take place on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 January at the Polididattico (Building 19, University Campus of Science Avenue).


The tests will be held in "computer-based" mode, with the support of the Orientation and Tutoring Center (COT) and the Information Systems Area and University Portal.


Participants must present themselves at the test with a valid identification document (ID), the tax code and their serial number.


More info on the dedicated page


For Nursing, ROOM 8 (Building 19)

-  From 8.00 to 11,00 a.m. from A to H

-  From 11.00 to 13,00 a.m. from I - P

-  From 13 to 18,00 p.m. from Q to Z