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Study plan


The Master Degree in Electronics Engineering at the University of Palermo proposes a training course, taught entirely in English, divided into 4 curricula: Modern ElectronicsTelecommunications, Bioelectronics and Robotics and Mechatronics.

The preparation of the students is completed and supported by several lab activities. In addition to the Teaching Laboratories of Electronics, Photonics and Electrical Measurements, various research laboratories are available to the students where they can learn to:

-       characterize optical and optoelectronic components and circuits, acquire and elaborate medical signals (Optics and Optoelectronics Laboratory);

-        analyse the performances of components and circuits operating at very high frequencies (Microwave Electronics Laboratory);

-        acquire the needed skills for the characterization of experimental prototypes of converters (Power Electronics Laboratory);

-        design digital electronic systems for embedded applications (Programmable digital electronic systems Laboratory);

-        emulate control systems for mobile two-wheeled robots and for quadcopters (Mobile Robots Laboratory);

-        evaluate network architectures and protocols interactions (Telecommunications Laboratory);

-        synthesize innovative materials for nanoelectronics applications (Thin Film Laboratory).

Students will also benefit from a class 100 clean-room for the technology oriented courses, and of a Computer classroom to perform design and simulation tests.