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Icar09 - Structural Engineering - Services

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  • Tests aimed at project / qualification of the mix design for structural concrete
  • Laboratory tests for the mechanical characterization of concrete, steel and masonry
  • Extraction of specimens and execution of tests in-situ on reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and wood structures
  • Tests in situ for the characterization of materials and structural elements
  • Load tests on floors
  • Performing of tests on structural elements, with the realization of devices and everything else needed for the test and reports with the interpretation of the results:
  • Bending tests on concrete, wood and steel beams
  • Load tests on trusses
  • Centered and eccentric compression tests on columns and wall panels
  • Lateral load tests on single-storey and single-span frames with and without infill
  • Tests on reinforced and ordinary masonry panels even in the presence of openings
  • Load tests on portions of vaults and on arches
  • Testing of steel trusses, sheet metal, etc.
  • Tests on joints in framed R.C. structures

Teachers who belong to the sector carry out consulting activities for public and private entities aimed at the evaluation of the structural capacity and at the structural rehabilitation.