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ICAR06 - Topography and Cartography - Laboratory


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Tools and equipment

The activities of Geomatics Laboratory refers to the fields of architecture, civil engineering, environment and conservation of Cultural Heritage, through modern methods of integrated survey (total station, laser scanning, GPS, photogrammetry).

Over the years, the laboratory of Geomatics has participated in national (PRIN and FIRB) and international research projects and has worked in partnership with local, regional and national authorities, providing technical and scientific support. The main topics research was related to:

  • Permanent GNSS networks ;
  • 3D modeling of Cultural Heritage;
  • Information systems and Web-GIS for spatial planning;
  • Processing and computerized management of environmental information for the planning and management of territorial emergencies;
  • Digital cartography;

The Geomatics Laboratory carries out transfer activities of the experiences from the research to teaching and also provides support, through the tutorials, to institutional courses of the university.

The Laboratory manages a network of GNSS permanent stations for the western part of Sicily.


Tools and equipment

Geodetic dual frequency GNSS receivers, MMS (Mobile Mapping Systems), Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), total stations, digital levels, semi-metric cameras and professional digital cameras, laser scanners (time-of-flight, phase-shift and triangulation laser scanners), workstations, servers and management and processing software of surveyed data.