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ing-ind23 Descrizione

ING-IND23 - Applied Physical Chemistry - Description


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Electrochemical Material Science research group of Palermo (EMS-UNIPA), working at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, Aerospaziale, dei Materiali of Palermo University under the guidance of Prof. F. Di Quarto, provides academic courses for 27 credits in the field of Applied Physical Chemistry. The main research interests of EMS are in large are of Material Science with a special focus on Applied Electrochemistry. More specifically, the activity is concentrated on the synthesis and characterization of metals, organic and inorganic semiconductors and insulators to be used in electronic devices, as ionic conductors, for corrosion protection, energy conversion and storage, catalysis, etc.. Electrochemical methods (i.e. electrodeposition and anoziding) are used for the fabrication of these materials, that can be prepared as thin films or nanostructures (nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods, nanoparticles). The research group can benefit of a large experience on the use of powerful in situ techniques such as Photocurrent Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.