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ING-IND23 - Applied Physical Chemistry - Laboratory

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The Electrochemical Materials Science laboratory can benefit of the following facilities:

  • Set up for photoelectrochemical measurements (Potentiostat/Galvanostat PAR Model 173, Lock-in Amplifer PAR 7260, Universal Programmer PAR 175, Monocromatore Kratos Analytical, Xenon Lamp Muller SVX 1450, Light Chopper Controller Model 650).
  • Set up for optical measurements (Laser Red Helium-Neon Spectra Physics Inc. Model 102-4, Laser Omnichrome Series 56 Cd-He Model 3056-3/12, Photomultiplier PR Inc. Model PR 1400 RF-7326.
  • Potentiostats for electrochemical, corrosion and impedance measurements (PAR 2263).
  • Multipotentiostat for electrochemical, corrosion and impedance measurements (Bio-Logic VMP2).
  • Keithley Galvanostat 227 for electrochemical and corrosion measurements.
  • Voltage amplifier Krohn-Hite 7500.
  • Fuel Cell H2-O2, Globe Tech, Inch provided with h-tec Fuel Cell Monitor (item 1950) for polarization curve recording.
  • Controlled Atmosphere Furnace