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ing-ind22 Descrizione

ING-IND022 - Materials Science and Technology - Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering - Description


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The research groups of Material Science and Technology of DICAM is directly involved in the fields of polymer processing and characterization, in composite and nanocomposite materials, in the conservation and restoration of buildings and cultural heritage. More specifically, polymer processing includes production of polymer-based materials by extrusion, melt mixing, injection moulding, compression moulding and solvent-based techniques. Chemical treatments are also performed on polymers both by wet and dry techniques in order to tuning the surface properties. Rheological and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymer blends, polymer-based nanocomposites, recycled materials, biomedical application devices and materials subjected to thermal and photo-oxidative degradation are also investigated. In the field of fiber reinforced composites, research activity is mainly devoted to optimization of manufacturing technologies, characterization and modelling of viscoelastic behaviour of composite and lignocellulosic materials, of numerical and experimental analysis of adhesive, mechanical and mixed hybrid joints (e.g. metal to composite metal to glass and glass to composite), of characterization of composite structures manufactured replacing synthetic constituents with alternative materials having lower environmental impact (i.e. vegetable and mineral fibers). Concerning conservation and restoration of buildings and cultural heritage, interest is concentrated in formulation and characterization of materials, such as mortars, concrete, paintings, wooden and paper handfacts, usually employed in this field.