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Plastic and Bioplastic Materials Laboratory

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Equipments for polymer processing (laboratory scale)

  • Laboratory mixer
  • Extruders (single screw, twin screw, minilab) with different heads (film blowing, film casting) even with co-extrusio systems
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Pressofusion systems
  • others (sample cutter, granulator, electric saw, precision balances)


  • Rheological analysis laboratory
  • Parallel plate rheometer
  • Capillary viscosimeter
  • Non-isothermal elongational rheometer
  • Isothermal elongational rheometer
  • Melt flow index
  • Intrinsic viscosity apparatus


Mechanical characterization laboratory

  • Dynamic-mechanical-thermal analysis (DMTA)
  • Static mechanical properties (INSTRON) including an equipment for compression in constant-temperature liquid environment
  • Impact test machine


Chemical treatment

  • Polymer processing by solvent techniques
  • Synthesys of polymers and fillers
  • Surface chemical modification in wet and dry chemistry techniques (plasma reactor)
  • Chemical analysis equipments (FT-IR, ATR spectrometers)

Photooxidation facilities

  • Equipment for controlled photo-oxidation of polymers (QUV)
  • Equipment for thermal, photoxidative and mechanical degradation

Structural and morphological characterization laboratory

  • FTIR with micro-ATR spectrophotometers
  • UV spectrophotometer