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  • 1. 3_OECD DAC Security Sistem reform 2005_2 (100%)

    3-mag-2013 6.42.58

    upon two essential pillars: i) the ability of the state, through its development policy and programmes ... ) the ability of the state to use the range of policy instruments at its disposal to prevent ... respects that provide the basis for the security system reform policy agenda: ● The focus of security policy itself is broadening from an almost exclusive focus on state stability and regime security ... policy and a governance issue. This invites greater public scrutiny of security policy. ● State

  • 2. 7_OECD DAC Security Sistem reform 2005 (83%)

    3-mag-2013 6.43.53

    POLICY STATEMENT Policy Statement Security System Reform and Governance: Policy and Good Practice Security is fundamental to people’s livelihoods, reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It relates to personal and state safety, access to social services and political ... . Parliament, the Executive, and the Defence Ministry). With this policy statement and paper, DAC ... and development nexus agreed in the DAC Guidelines and policy statement: Helping Prevent Violent

  • 3. 28th icpafr book of abstracts (76%)

    3-set-2016 13.23.57

    through physical activity and sports” for the "Concept for a National Sports Policy ... PROMOTION IN THE CONTEXT OF OVERALL HEALTH POLICY Brian Martin University of Zurich; Office ... a positive impact on health at the population level. Keywords: health policy, physical activity, non ... is the example of good practice to implement new European health policy “Health 2020” and it is as an added ... , policy, health enhancing physical activity (HEPA). References Okanagan Charter: An International

  • 4. Progetto PRIN ATTANASIO (70%)

    19-lug-2019 16.08.46

    . Ignazio 78 4. DELPINI Ricercatore Università P.zza no City: free Danilo confermato ... as well as students, households, other stakeholders, and policy makers. The (L-ANS) database ... and national policy makers will be able to utilise a new geographical and historical “visualisation ... territories. Moreover, universities and policy makers will be able to manage and assess the limits and ... Career: University of Palermo, Ricercatore (Assistant Professor of Statistics) 1992-nov 1998 Visiting

  • 5. 5_DAC Prevent Violent Conflict 2001 (67%)

    3-mag-2013 6.43.25

    Policy Coherence”, The DAC Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3. Actors involved from Security is an essential ... , ministries of foreign can help a country elaborate an overarching policy on national security in the context

  • 6. Lezione_26 (61%)

    19-dic-2019 9.50.00

    da parte dei policy-maker, i quali sono chiamati ad adottare strategie di intervento ... un livello salariale imposto dal legislatore. Ha origine politica ed è deciso dal policy maker ... interventi normativi del policy maker

  • 7. Manual of Methods for Soil and Land Evaluation (59%)

    29-giu-2017 12.13.00

    Manual of Methods for Soil and Land Evaluation articolo, notizia, unipa, soil, land evaluation, pedology The goal of the manual is to supply an operational tool for pedologists, agronomists, environmentalists, and all of the other specialists who carry out land evaluation for agriculture and forestry or, more generally, stakeholders and policy makers who make decisions at the local level based on the knowledge of the nature of soil. Discussion of the topics is not only technical and operational

  • 8. Describing urban soils by a faceted system ensures more informed decision-making (59%)

    11-mar-2016 17.31.09

    Describing urban soils by a faceted system ensures more informed decision-making Urban soils, Soil information transfer, Ecosystem services, Soil functions, Facets In costruzione... Riccardo Scalenghe Describing urban soils by a faceted system ensures more informed decision-making Land Use Policy DOI>10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.10.025 Anyone who clicks on the link until January 10, 2016, will be taken to the article for free. No sign up

  • 9. Lezione 28 (55%)

    28-nov-2020 15.38.02

    . Ha origine politica ed è deciso dal policy maker per impedire che le retribuzioni scendano ... delle parti sociali e a influenzare politicamente gli interventi normativi del policy maker

  • 10. Progetto Europeo FETCH (51%)

    21-feb-2014 15.59.24

    of the European policy on education and training, since the basis of the project aims

  • 11. FETCH-prospectus (51%)

    21-feb-2014 16.00.53

    like:  WP2 - National and European frameworks • University and national policy-makers

  • 12. Lezione 26 (48%)

    28-nov-2020 15.38.02

    socio-economico di un Paese e pertanto richiede una attenzione particolare da parte dei policy