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  • 1. REP. 797_2023 - Grant Agreement-101083460-WIMBY (100%)

    10-gen-2024 9.04.34

    ARTICLE 40 — ACCESSION AND ADDITION OF NEW BENEFICIARIES ... in the Preamble............................................................. 68 40.2 Addition of new beneficiaries ... interactive forum that improves upon the content and functionality of the New European Wind Atlas ... promoting the uptake of new generations of large(r) wind power turbines and farms. Keywords: – Renewable

  • 2. ing. Orazio Gambino - Ricevimento giorno 20-03-2014 (88%)

    17-mar-2014 23.29.41

    ing. Orazio Gambino - Ricevimento giorno 20-03-2014 scienzeformazione, new, docenti, Si avvisa che, per questa settimana, il mio ricevimento avverrà giorno 20-03-2014, stesso orario, stessa sede. ORAZIO GAMBINO

  • 3. IWF 2011 (85%)

    19-ago-2016 2.48.15

    . What's the International Week of Football? New concept open to students in Sport related university ... ) ............................................................................................... 46 Avery D. Faigenbaum (The College of New Jersey, USA ... with”... ;-) By the way, the International Week of Football (IWF) is new concept, born within a moment ... of New Jersey, USA) Integrated Neuromuscular Training: Theory and practice for enhancing ... ) Computerised notational analysis in Italian elite soccer team Selami Ö (Turkey) Use of new media by fans

  • 4. EJSS_2014_Suppl_V.2 (84%)

    19-ago-2016 2.34.21

    of different populations of cells represent a reserve of new nuclei and can contribute fibers ... of substrates and hormonal signals. The new functional conditions can be detected by multiple ... doi: 10.12863/ejssxs1x-2014 STRENGTH TRAINING IN CHILDREN: NEW PERSPECTIVES AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS Avery D. Faigenbaum Department of Health and Exercise Science, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey, USA Saturday, 25th

  • 5. Esito prova scritta di fondamenti di informatica di oggi 14/10/2013 (83%)

    14-ott-2013 17.03.38

    Esito prova scritta di fondamenti di informatica di oggi 14/10/2013 scienze della formazioe, new, docenti, Si avvisa che tutte le candidate hanno superato la prova scritta. Gli orali saranno domani a partire dalle ore 9:00 presso lab. al primo piando, ed. 15. ORAZIO GAMBINO

  • 6. new-page (82%)

    18-feb-2014 11.31.18

    /2000 – PhD in “Chemical Technology and New Materials” (XIII Cycle), University of Palermo, Department ... - member of Italian Association of Macromolecules, AIM 1998 – Present - member of Association of New

  • 7. A new Italian manifesto against racism (80%)

    28-feb-2019 11.56.49

    A new Italian manifesto against racism articolo, notizia, unipa, Nature, racism, As an interdisciplinary team that includes biological and cultural anthropologists, we have issued a manifesto for education in human diversity and unity. This aims to counteract our country’s current surge in racism and intolerance, and will help students to develop a more open attitude (see The manifesto opposes the racist manifesto of 1938, originally signed by ten Italian scientists

  • 8. Children's Voices for a new Human Space (80%)

    12-apr-2019 13.43.12

    Children's Voices for a new Human Space articolo, notizia, unipa Il progetto CVS si inserisce in un'ampia prospettiva formativa promossa dal Consiglio d'Europa, "Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture" (RFCDC), che ha sviluppato un nuovo quadro di riferimento delle competenze democratiche e interculturali che i cittadini devono possedere per partecipare in modo efficace alla vita della comunità. Le competenze democratiche e interculturali non vengono acquisite

  • 9. Progetto PRIN ATTANASIO (74%)

    19-lug-2019 16.08.46

    . Ignazio 78 4. DELPINI Ricercatore Università P.zza no City: free Danilo confermato ... the amount of public subsidies, this may undermine also the recruitment of new academic personnel ... (INVALSI-T) and the INVALSI school form (INVALSI-SCH). We will link each school in a new database ... due to student reduction (in the South), additional funding due to new faculty positions, the geography ... background? Is there a migration chain in the student flows? Are there new universities/new territories more

  • 10. 2015-01-19-VERBALE n 01-della Classe LM-13- del 19.01.2015 (74%)

    14-mar-2016 11.07.57

    la richiesta della Dott. Anna Carbone, in qualità di Ricercatore a decorrere dal 27/12/2011, avendo ... di ricerca dal titolo “New bioactive agents based on natural products”, sotto la supervisione del Prof ... ]pyridin-2-one: a new ring system of pharmaceutical interest. Tetrahedron (2012), 68, 5087-5094 ... . Synthesis of the new oligopeptide pyrrole derivative isonetropsin and its one pyrrole unit analogue ... . Vedaldi, A. Salvador, P. Barraja. Synthesis of a new class of pyrrolo[3,4-h]quinazolines

  • 11. new-page (72%)

    20-gen-2014 13.27.07

    A new approach for assessing minimum flow in ephemeral streams, The role of Hydrology in Water

  • 12. 28th icpafr book of abstracts (69%)

    3-set-2016 13.23.57

    Research PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND FITNESS: Challenges and New Perspectives BOOK OF ABSTRACTS ... of Technology, New Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania Zealand Dr. Simona PAJAUJIENĖ Assoc. Prof. Dr ... was appointed to his new role at the School of Health Science – University of Tasmania in 2016 ... Network (ACAORN) and a former President of the Australia and New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS). He has ... is the example of good practice to implement new European health policy “Health 2020” and it is as an added

  • 13. 2022_REP_44-engage4bio_ca_FINAL_Signatures_complete (68%)

    10-ott-2023 13.15.17

    from the Effective Date identified at the beginning of this Consortium Agreement. An entity becomes a new Party to the Consortium Agreement upon signature of the accession document (Attachment 2) by the new ... a new item to the original agenda. Online meetings of General Assembly Meetings ... the meeting. When a decision has been taken on a new item added to the agenda before or during ... ) Engage4BIO Consortium Agreement – FINAL – 14 June 2022 Evolution of the consortium Entry of a new

  • 14. 10_Human Security Now 2003 (2) (64%)

    3-mag-2013 6.41.56

    is an attempt to respond to both old and of their own lives. Needed are integrated policies that new ... of interconnected issues. In its work, familiar, there is a new wave of dramatic crises at the Commission ... the opportunities for eliminating Globalization, despite its challenges, creates new insecurities

  • 15. REP. 202_2023 - Grant_Agreement_Core_Blue4all_Sarà (64%)

    10-gen-2024 9.04.29

    — ACCESSION AND ADDITION OF NEW BENEFICIARIES........................................... 70 40.1 ... ............................................................. 70 40.2 Addition of new beneficiaries

  • 16. 1-s2.0-S1360859214002058-main (62%)

    17-lug-2015 23.35.08

    to determiKEYWORDS Summary The aim of this study was to evaluate a new method to perform 1RM bench ... a Sport and Exercise Science b Environmental Ergonomic c Department of Biomedicamaximum bench press new ... experience new training programs not only f for inexperienced individuals. In order to overcome these ... by the University of Palermo Ethical Committee (Department ofan RTF set), the new metho time ... strength of inexperienced individuals, here we designed and tested the effectiveness of a new method

  • 17. Progetto Europeo FETCH (62%)

    21-feb-2014 15.59.24

    the nature of “curriculum” as course textbooks and other learning resources go digital, developing new ... for the organisation and management of the introduction and implementation of digital curricula, development of new ... on EQF, ETN FETCH will focus on understanding how new generations of high-level ICT-skilled people ... curricula in Computing Education and Training 2020. Develop new didactical theories and learning ... be taken into consideration. New didactical theories and learning models for using social media

  • 18. 2016-01-28-VERBALE n 01-della Classe LM-13- del 28.01.2016 (61%)

    14-mar-2016 11.11.12

    le attività connesse al programma “New Drugs, Raope Drugs,Tossicodipendenze e Doping Amatoriale”; E. NOTA ... per il Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Farmacia perché non è stato rinnovato l’incarico di Ricercatore ... perché non è stato rinnovato l’incarico di Ricercatore a tempo Determinato SSD CHIM/08 –Chimica ... . 212 del 15.01.2016) della Dott.ssa Monica Notarbartolo, Ricercatore inquadrato nel SSD BIO ... della dichiarazione di disponibilità (prot. n. 213 del 15.01.2016) del Dott. Fabio Venturella, Ricercatore

  • 19. DispenseInformaticaLibera (60%)

    21-mag-2017 18.02.41

    A # Oggi: Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds e il software libero Nel 1983 un ricercatore ... a commercializzarlo sotto licenza Richard Stallman, ricercatore del MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • 20. Connecting existing cemeteries saving good soils (for livings) (60%)

    17-feb-2020 14.13.59

    surface area than current burial practices, so a new paradigm for managing land use is required ... ecosystems with multiple-use corridors. This new paradigm works best in flat or hilly terrain