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  • 1. 10_Human Security Now 2003 (2) (100%)

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    respect for human rights, eroding commitments to the availability and affordability of essential

  • 2. 11_Human Security Now 2003 (100%)

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    conflict. state alone. It encompasses human rights, good gover- • Achieving human security includes not

  • 3. 3_OECD DAC Security Sistem reform 2005_2 (100%)

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    to include the well-being of their populations and human rights. ● Security and development

  • 4. 7_OECD DAC Security Sistem reform 2005 (100%)

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    POLICY STATEMENT Policy Statement Security System Reform and Governance: Policy and Good Practice Security is fundamental to people’s livelihoods, reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It relates to personal and state safety, access to social services and political processes. It is a core government responsibility, necessary for economic and social development and vital for the protection of human rights. Security matters to the poor and other vulnerable groups

  • 5. 9_Human Security Now 2003 (2) (100%)

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    Members of the Commission on Human Security Co-chairs Sonia Picado S. Sadako Ogata President of the Board of Directors of the Scholar-in-Residence, the Ford Foundation, and Inter-American Institute of Human Rights former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Surin Pitsuwan Member of Parliament and former Minister of Amartya Sen Foreign Affairs, Thailand Master, Trinity College, Cambridge, and Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1998 Donna E. Shalala President of the University of Miami and