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November 28-29 2013

Palermo (Italy)


M.S. Yalin

Memorial Mini-Colloquium on

 Fluvial Eco-Hydraulics and Morphodynamics:

new insigths and challenges


The colloquium will aim at establishing tight links between leading scientists and research activities in fluvial processes in appreciation of Yalin’s work. The colloquium will provide high quality state-of-the-art scientific information and will focus on the development of a methodological platform which will provide new ideas for future research.

After the colloquium, written versions will be published in a in a guest-edited Special Issue.

Unlike standard large conferences with broader contents, this colloquium is focused on specific topics and assumes the participation of a limited number of scientists. This rather small group will provide high-quality presentations in diverse aspects of fluvial processes.

Please confirm your partecipation by e-mail to as soon as possible (no later than 10th September 2013).