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Complexity Science Hub Vienna

Il Prof. Rosario Mantegna è stato invitato dal Presidente del Complexity Science Hub di Vienna come "External Faculty member" per il periodo Aprile 2017 - Aprile 2020.

Il Complexity Science Hub è una iniziativa di eccellenza del Governo Austriaco volta a comprendere i sistemi complessi su una base quantitativa e predittiva combinando concetti matematici e metodologie sviluppate all'interno di diverse discipline quantitative e computazionali. 

The Complexity Science Hub Vienna (

Societies become more and more dependent on their ability of handling, interpreting, and making sense of complex systems. Understanding complex systems on a quantitative and predictive basis rests on the ability to combine complex systems science (mathematical concepts and

methodology) with big and comprehensive datasets. The number of experts in this new scientific field is limited which poses a bottleneck to understand and eventually manage complex systems. The objective of the hub is to host, educate, and inspire complex systems scientists who are dedicated to collect, handle, aggregate, and make sense of big data in ways that are directly valuable for science and society. Focus areas include smart cities, innovation dynamics, medical, social, ecological, and economic systems. CSH is a joint initiative of AIT, IIASA, Medical University of Vienna, TU Graz, TU Wien, and Vienna University of Economics and Business.