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Co-produzione di valore nei servizi museali e performance multidimensionali: un approccio dinamico a supporto del management culturale


Context of the research: in small urban centres, the co-production of museum services can be a lever for the generation of public value. Purpose of the paper: the paper aims to illustrate how a multidimensional approach to performance governance can offer a systemic perspective for the identification of managerial, organizational and community outcomes. It aims as well to highlight levers for the improvement of value generation processes in museums and for the benefit of the community. Methodology: the literature on public services co-production was first reviewed. A multidimensional framework was built to analyze the performance of the collaborative context; then it was applied to a case study. Finally, we proceeded to check the proposed propositions. Results: the article highlights how co-production is able to bring additional resources to those held by the institution responsible for the service. Furthermore, from the application of the model to the case, management, organizational and community performance measures emerge. Limitations of the research: the limitations concern the scarce availability of quantitative information to evaluate the effects of the initiative. Practical implications: the identification of performance drivers brings out the effects of the availability of resources on different levels of performance, highlighting the causal connections that reveal the co-production contribution to the outcomes. Originality of the paper: the article develops the Dynamic Multidimensional Performance Governance analytical framework and highlights the contribution that co-production offers to value generation processes in small towns.