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Aumentare Palermo. Manifesta 12 studios: scenari, progetti e visioni


From june 16th to November 4th , 2018, Manifesta, the european nomadic art Biennial, held Palermo as host city of its 12th edition. Whithin this larger main framework, over the course of two semesters, four international studios from four celebrated schools of architecture have investigated, reflected and proposed future scenarios for the city of Palermo . The works have been displayed in a collective exhibition at the former mill of the Convent of San Antonino – one of UNIPA’s main locations. The University of Palermo has contributed with the project conceived by PalermoLab, a groupment of six design studios (Proff. M. Carta, A. Badami, R. Lecardane, M. Picone, Z. Tesoriere, F. Schilleci) that acts as a teaching-research-action agency to produce innovative urban solutions. The title of the project has been Hyper-City Studio: Augmented Palermo in the Neo-Anthropocene Age, and it has addressed Palermo as a hyper-city, a city of cities, an archipelago of hybrid spaces and plural communities that require a scaling approach to re-imagine buildings, infrastructures and landscapes. Palermo is thought and designed as an Augmented City, an enabling and generative community device arranged along two backbones: the Waterfront and the Ringroad, proposing new ecological, cultural, social and productive functions for the transition areas, based on recyclical spaces, community hubs, intercultural places, creative epicentres, energy housing, blue&green infrastructures.