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The Surgical Management of Oroantral Communications: Recommendations for Routine Practice Combined Endoscopic and Intraoral Approach


An oroantral communication (OAC) is a common complication in alveolar surgery that usually occurs as a result of the extraction of maxillary posterior teeth, which do not usually resolve spontaneously. Other causes may include trauma, maxillary cysts and tumours, and infections. The practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon treating patients with oroantral communication (OAC)/oroantral fistulas should be familiar and competent with the various treatment options available. . In most cases, surgery is performed via a Tran’s oral approach and the fistula is closed with local flaps, but the results are often unsatisfactory. Although different procedures have proved to be successful, all are premised on the treatment of any underlying sinusitis, which is associated with a higher risk of recurrent OAC. Objective: To evaluate an alternative technique for the treatment of oroantral fistula, using a combined endoscopic and intraoral approach