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Studying nerve transfers: Searching for a consensus in nerve axons count

  • Autori: Costa A.L.; Papadopulos N.; Porzionato A.; Natsis K.; Bassetto F.; Tiengo C.; Giunta R.; Soldado F.; Bertelli J.A.; Baeza A.R.; Battiston B.; Titolo P.; Tos P.; Radtke C.; Aszmann O.; Moschella F.; Cordova A.; Toia F.; Perrotta R.E.; Ronchi G.; Geuna S.; Colonna M.R.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Axonal count is the base for efficient nerve transfer; despite its capital importance, few studies have been published on human material, most research approaches being performed on experimental animal models of nerve injury. Thus, standard analysis methods are still lacking. Quantitative data obtained have to be reproducible and comparable with published data by other research groups. To share results with the scientific community, the standardization of quantitative analysis is a fundamental step. For this purpose, the experiences of the Italian, Austrian, German, Greek, and Iberian-Latin American groups have been compared with each other and with the existing literature to reach a consensus in the fiber count and draw up a protocol that can make future studies from different centers comparable. The search for a standardization of the methodology was aimed to reduce all the factors that are associated with an increase in the variability of the results. All the preferential methods to be used have been suggested. On the other hand, alternative methods and different methods have been identified to achieve the same goal, which in our experience are completely comparable; therefore, they can be used indifferently by the different centers according to their experience and availability.