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In-situ gelling xyloglucan formulations as 3D artificial niche for adipose stem cell spheroids

  • Autori: Francesca toia; Anna barbara Di stefano; E. Muscolino; M.A. Sabatino; D. Giacomazza; F. Moschella; A. Cordova; C. Dispenza
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Three-dimensional spheroidal cell aggregates of adipose stem cells (SASCs) are a distinct upstreampopulation of stem cells present in adipose tissue, with enhanced regeneration properties in vivo. The preservation of the 3D structure of the cells, from extraction to administration, can be a promising strategy to ensure optimal conditions for cell viability andmaintenance of stemness potential. With this aim, an artificial nichewas created by incorporating the spheroids into an injectable, in-situ gelling solution of partially degalactosylated xyloglucan (dXG) and an ad hoc formulated culture medium for the preservation of stem cell spheroid features. The evolution of the mechanical properties and the morphological structure of this artificial niche was investigated by small amplitude rheological analysis and scanning electron microscopy, respectively. Comparatively, systems produced with the same polymer and the typical culture medium (DMEM) used for adipose stem cell (ASC) growth in adherent cell culture conditions were also characterised. Cell viability of both SASCs and ASCs incorporated inside the hydrogel or seeded on top of the hydrogel were investigated as well as the preservation of SASC stemness conditions when embedded in the hydrogel.