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Curriculum vitae



Degree in Civil Engineering - Hydraulics Course at the University of Palermo. Thesis’s title: Application of sensor MIVIS for the study of submerged marine vegetation of the Lagoon of Marsala .

PhD in " Science of Surveying and Representation " ( ICAR/06 Topography and cartography) . Thesis’s title : Implementation of a GIS3D for land management .

During the years of the PhD a considerable technique experience has been gained in the field of surveying with total station, GPS and laser scanner.

Among the activities carried out during the PhD must be included:

-Stage at the IGM ( Military Geographic Institute ) with the subject ASTER image processing for the extraction of information on vegetation can be included;

-“3D Modeling International Summer School in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage”, at the ' FBK of Trento;

-Course of Geomatics excellence in theXXI century : From surveying / geomatics to geodesy : a discipline in transition and Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing : new developments and applications at the Politecnico of Torino;

II level Master in ' Monitoring, Analysis and Management of Environmental Data ' . Thesis’s title: A diachronic analysis of burned areas by remote sensing techniques and WebGIS. Applicatione on MODIS data .

I collaborated in the experimental phase of the project MILO at the University of Naples "Federico II" - Department of Energy , Thermal Fluid Dynamics Applied and Environmental conditionings ( DETEC ) in collaboration with the University of Rome La Sapienza .

Adjunct Professor of thematic cartography for the course of studies of Geological Sciences, collaboration with the DICAM (Department of Civil, Environmental , Aerospace and Materials ) in research activities of Information systems and CAD and GIS applications for spatial and computerized planning, aimed at recovery of cultural and environmental heritage with a predilection for GIS3D testing.

I participated in several research projects of topographic applications to cultural heritage.

I am fluent in English and I have excellent computer skills. Excellent interpersonal relations skills and in ability to manage and organize activities, skills developed thanks to different projects realized in teams.

I have been a tutor for two year for the II level Master of University of Palermo ' Advanced technologies of detection, imaging and diagnostics for the preservation and use of cultural heritage '.

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