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The New Dense-city tra Collage City e Citta Analoga


The Prin 2007 research project of the Palermo Unit. The New Dense-city between Collage City e Analogous Town. In the introductory paper submitted by the Palermo Unit, Andrea Sciascia transforms the results reached in the incipit allowing us to assess the entire path followed by the research excursus. A thorough examination has been carried out on the final plans, the so-called recompositions stemming from the the merging of a number of projects on the two neighbourhoods under study: Borgo Ulivia and ZEN. The reflection starts from a specific verb: densifying. The suburban fabric of the two neighbourhoods becomes more dense by adding those missing facilities, but especially by re-establishing relations between built-up areas and the road infrastructure. These facilities are present in both settlements like a real brand. Together with the verb “densifying”, the recompositions highlight an overall order which may be translated from one place to another into the words matching, tracing, renewing, spinning and sighting. In a complementary way together with densifying and ordering, urban empty spaces are examined, suggesting a synthesis between two of the more well known images of Collage City, St Dié, in Le Corbusier’s hypothesis, and the historical fabric of Parma. These two diametrically opposed alternatives, highlight the completion methods adopted for the two Palermo neighbourhoods through recompositions. These projects are not absolute frameworks of the portions of the town plans, but are offered as possible “alternatives to the town plan” remembering what Aldo Rossi said in the text accompanying the “analagous city”.