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Hsp60 involvement during carcinogenesis

  • Autori: Francesca Rappa, Francesco Carini, Pierre Schembri Wismayer
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Capitolo o Saggio
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The implication of Hsp60 in cancer development is due to its participation in many metabolic and biomolecular mechanisms in cancer cells. Hsp60 interacts with various molecules that are responsible of apoptosis, cell proliferation and other mechanisms involved when a normal cell becomes malignant. Hsp60 expression was found to be increased in many types of cancer but in same tumors of different anatomical district was found decreased. The mechanism of action of Hsp60 is different depending on the type of tumor. Its involvement in the carcinogenetic process of some tumors, such as large bowel carcinoma or cervical carcinoma, seems to occur in the very early stages of disease. Hsp60 participates in the mechanism of modulation of the immune response the cancer cells use to invade surrounding tissues, and expand the tumor mass.