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Neoanthropocene Raising and Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage: A Case Study in Southern Italy

  • Autori: CARTA, Maurizio; RONSIVALLE, Daniele
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • Parole Chiave: Environmental protection; Inner land; Neoanthropocene raising;
  • OA Link:


Analysing the Human History on the Planet, a conflictual relation was raised when Humankind had started destroying the natural ecosystem and biota, and, consequently, a capacity to induce environmental change has increased throughout human history in so called Anthropocene age. A 'noosphere'-centred civilization could produce a non-disruptive new kind of anthropocentrism. This is being a new context to define Neoanthropocene based on a renewed homeostatic relationship between Earth and Mankind. The potential application of this theoretical approach has been tested in drafting steps of Plan of Lucania Apennines, ValdAgri and Lagonegrese National Park, in southern Italy. Drafting the Plan, the authors have applied a strategic approach based on environmental and cultural evidence and have drafted an Interpretation Plan for local growth, consistent with local resources. The result is a Plan, shared with local stakeholders, in which the authors have proposed a multisectoral development plan based on a ‘cluster approach’ for regeneration: the main wild areas are reached through a visitor centre or similar introducing facilities, and they are connected with historical centres, archaeological parks, ski areas, accommodation facilities and other local services. The expected effect is the growth of number of chances to develop business in accordance with environment protection duty