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Silica-Based NIR Nano-Emitters for Applications in Vivo and Process for Production Thereof

  • Autori: Agnello, S; Boscaino, R; Cannas, M; Gelardi, FM; Leone, M; Militello, V
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
  • Tipologia: Brevetto
  • OA Link:


Production of paramagnetic and phosphorescent nanoprobes, obtainable starting from nanometric silica particles by methods of synthesis and enrichment with O2 following suitable thermal treatments in a controlled environment. The nanoprobes thus obtained display emission in the near infrared (NIR), are excitable in the visible and in the NIR, and are characterized by a lifetime of the order of one second. These nanoprobes have considerable scientific and commercial potential in the market of the confocal spectroscopy for bio-imaging and in the market of the medical pharmaceutical applications of drug labelling and drug delivery.